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10 Golden Rules for Commenting and Interacting on this Blog

July 27, 2010

These are the Blog rules and no comment will be permitted that:

1. Uses profanity.
2. Is racist, morally offensive or otherwise inappropriate.
3. Contains commentary or questions that are significantly off topic.
4. Makes no sense, and/or;
5. Is blatant trolling.
6. Is inappropriately long. Long rambling rants are subject to immediate deletion. I’m keen on nicely articulated comments, not diatribes.
7. Contains threats of any kind.
8. Contains name calling (particularly if I am the recipient!).
9. Contains any nasty, snide, or snarcky tone. Essentially, let’s be Ladies and Gentlemen. Passionate discussion is possible for adults without wallowing in mire. Hence, there is a three-strikes-and-you’re-out policy.
10. Does not include a name and valid email address. No anonymous comments which are without accountability please.

I reserve the right to moderate comments before they appear. Comments that do not comply with the above rules are simply deleted.

I’d like my blogging to be an enjoyable experience, so please know that I very much appreciate your understanding and co-operation.