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Hawking and the Death of God

October 2, 2010

Having been rather busy this week, I’m a bit late getting around to Stephen Hawking’s declaration that we don’t need “God” to light the blue touch-paper of the big bang. At the risk of making a complete eejit of myself (what’s new?) – I haven’t read the book – but if the newspaper reports are accurate, then apparently, the universe can create itself from nothing even though there was no universe (i.e., nothing) there to generate itself in the first place (errm… huh?). One wonders how something like the law of gravity can exist in actual reality unless there is material stuff to begin with? Are “laws” not just the description of the ways things generally work in an existing physical universe? Maybe someone can explain this to a science Luddite? For those in the know, does all this high-level mathematics and theoretical physics ultimately end up appealing to some sort of platonic realm of forms (i.e., we moved from science-based observation to philosophy)? So, basically, HELP! Given my utter incompetence to offer a scientific critique, nonetheless, this clip on Justin Brierly’s programme seemed interesting. Enjoy.