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Ulster Chess Union: Special General Meeting

September 17, 2010

Ooo, er… There may be trouble ahead…


At the 2010 Annual General Meeting, a number of objections were put forward challenging several results in the Belfast & District League. The Board proposed that these objections would be investigated and ruled upon by the Board.

The members at the AGM subsequently insisted on voting on one of these objections thereby denying the Board the opportunity to consider all of the objections raised.

The Board considers these matters to be properly within the domain of the Board and not for a General Meeting.

Consequently, the individual members of the Board consider that in these circumstances, they must offer their resignation to the membership of the Union.

The Board therefore calls for a Special General Meeting to be held when their resignations can be presented and explained in detail.


Board members: David McAlister (Chairman), David Houston (League Controller), Damien Lavery (Hon. Treasurer), Drew Ferguson (Hon. Secretary) and Geoff Hindley (Asst. Secretary) individually offer their resignation as officers of the Ulster Chess Union and collectively as the Executive Board of the Union.

The Board will present a statement outlining their motivation explaining why they believe their position to be untenable. A open discussion will follow.

The membership will then be asked to either

accept the Board’s resignation


agree a working arrangement acceptable to the Board

Should the Board’s resignation be accepted, the officers will stand-down with immediate effect and the meeting may elect a new Board.
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To Win At Chess

July 30, 2010

Following up on yesterday’s chess post, here is possibly the worst bit of psychologising I’ve ever heard:

“To checkmate the opponent’s King in chess is equivalent to castrating him and devouring him, becoming one with him in a ritual of symbolic homosexualism and cannibalistic communion, thus responding to the remnants of the infantile Oedipus complex” Dr Felix Marti Ibanez (1960)**

A bit over the top, but we know what he means.

**Cited by Fox and James, The Complete Chess Addict, pp. 146-147.

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Stomach-Churning Blunder

July 29, 2010

Maciol-Gormally (July 2010)

This position is taken from a game in the 1st round of the British Chess Championships currently in progress. The player with White, Ryszard Maciol, is winning and is rated some 240 points below his GM opponent Danny Gormally. Then he somehow managed to find what has been described as the “worst move on the board”. Can you find it and Black’s follow-up?

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