Daily Devotions with Spurgeon: 11th October

Free to Travel

“And I will strengthen them in the Lord: and they shall walk up and down in his name”, says the Lord. (Zechariah 10:12)

A solace for sick saints. They have grown faint, and they fear that they shall never rise from the bed of doubt and fear; but the Great Physician can both remove the disease and take away the weakness which has come of it. Our strength is far better in God than in self. In ourselves it would be sadly limited, but in God it knows no bound.

When strength is given, the believer uses it. He walks up and down in the name of the Lord. What an enjoyment it is to walk after illness, and what a delight to be strong in the Lord after a season of weakness! We are free to travel at our ease throughout Immanuel’s land.

Come, my heart, be no more sick and sorry; Jesus bids you be strong and walk with God in holy contemplation. Obey His word of love.


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