“Not many people know that.”


Well, last night (Saturday), I was at home and extremely bored after circumstances conspired against me and my plans fell through. So, while doing some mindless surfing on t’internet, I came across someone else’s “Little Known Facts..” type of post. Given the acute state of my tedium and being willing to do almost anything to alleviate my suffering, I wrote up my own list (though forgot to post it).


  1. Wishes he was a better Christian.
  2. Absolutely hated school. Couldn’t wait to leave and didn’t remotely try while there. Only began to try when he got to the university stage (where he discovered a brain and love of learning).
  3. Went through a skin-tight-black-jeans and leather-jacket-wearing, heavy-metal period in his teens in which he listened to lots of angry music about how miserable the world was. (He must have been a horror)
  4. Secretly still goes onto youtube and listens to metal once in a while.
  5. In his late teens/early 20’s and out-partying phase, had a barrage of the most awful chat-up lines known to man.
  6. Has two, very flat, left feet and couldn’t dance to save his life – though that hasn’t stopped him in the past.
  7. Used to do jujitsu and judo in his teens until a rather unpleasant knee injury (it still hurts) ended his hopes of becoming the next Bruce Lee.
  8. Loves music, pretty much everything from Mozart to Metallica (though reggae is surely a bridge too far).
  9. Was a child singer, and sang in front of thousands of people once.
  10. Sadly, his voice didn’t break – it shattered.
  11. Is always singing/humming around the house (mercifully, only to himself)
  12. Would love to be a classically-trained tenor (but see 10.)
  13. Was on local television because of his involvement in a local schools project on the Titanic.
  14. Is a complete bibliophile.
  15. Lost count of the number of books he owns once it reached 3000+.
  16. Doesn’t know what on earth to do with said books when he  moves house at some point in the future and won’t have space for them.
  17. Prefers dogs to cats.
  18. Has a long-standing passion for Curly Wurlys.
  19. Loves ice-cream.
  20. Can’t eat spicy food of any kind, and has a very plain palate, sadly.
  21. First car was a 1979 Ford Fiesta which was two-tone: brown and “oyster gold” (my friends affectionately called it “the Brown bomber”… ahem). It also had orange, furry seat-covers and flooded when it rained (a few holes were drilled into the floor which sorted that problem out). It had a dodgy starting-motor which meant that every now and then it would freeze – the only solution was to put the car into gear and get out and rock it (which happened while on a date outside a well-to-do girl’s home with her mother looking on – cringe).
  22. Read the Lord of the Rings trilogy over a fortnight.
  23. Has the box-set of series 1-3 of the Big Bang Theory coming in the post and may not surface for air until he’s watched the lot next week.
  24. Is often taken as being very serious, but is known to his family as ‘the giggler’.
  25. Is intensely private and will probably never give out this much personal information on the blog again!


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