Wesleyan Wednesdays

Although I’ve been greatly enjoying reflecting with Spurgeon, to be honest, there is much within it that is not to my theological taste  (it’s rather too 19th century and calvinisticky). Consequently, I’m going to balance out the great Baptist with some posts on Wesley and the movement he spawned. Originally, I was thinking of just focusing on the great man himself, but that seems too restrictive. I’m a closet fan of Adam Clarke who succeeded Wesley (heretically, I think he was a better exegete than Wesley), and I might even work through or ponder aloud on current Methodist beliefs. For example, I’ve just finished reading a little booklet on the essentials of belief for the Methodist Church in Ireland. To be honest, I was surprised how much I agreed with, though not everything. Anyway, Wesleyan Wednesdays commence today with one of John Wesley’s prayers. This expresses the man’s heart and is why I’m a fan.

A Contrite Spirit

I desire to offer unto Thee, O Lord,
my evening sacrifice, the sacrifice of a contrite spirit.
Have mercy upon me, O God, after Thy great goodness;
and after the multitude of Thy mercies, do away mine offences.

Let Thy unspeakable mercy free me
from the sins I have committed,
and deliver me from the punishment I have deserved.

O save me from every work of darkness and cleanse me
from all filthiness of flesh and spirit,
that, for the time to come, I may, with a pure heart and mind,
follow Thee, the only true God.


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