The Bible Is…

Chaplain Mike of Internet Monk says it like it is:

The Bible itself is really not like systematic theology. This goes back to its Jewish ethos and pre-scientific cultural backgrounds. The Bible revels in stories, riddles, and mysteries, crafts creative narratives around word-plays and patterns of numbers, speaks in parables and exaggerated tall tales, and delights in clever sayings. The God it describes is frolicsome and unpredictable as well as sovereign and terrible. The Bible’s style is predominantly earthy and non-academic, the opposite of systematic—it’s not about precision but wonder, not theoretical speculation but the wisdom of the dusty road, workshop, kitchen, and campfire. Some parts are more propositional in nature, to be sure, but I would hope we don’t think they alone represent the whole just because they sound more like our way of thinking.

Amen and amen!

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